Podcast Reihe der Universität Basel «Hier & Morgen»  

Datum: 18. Juni 2021


Thema: Mädchen oder Knaben – Wie das Geschlecht die Berufs- und Studienwahl von Jugendlichen beeinflusst.



Makarova, E., Schmoelz, A., Proyer, M., Kremsner, G., Prummer, S. & Renggli, S. (2021). International Perspectives on Digital Games and Inclusion. Digital Culture & Education, 13(2), 1-5.



Keller, Ch., Doering, A. K. & Makarova E. (2021). The Potential of Serious Games to Foster Learning among Children and Adolescents with Disabilities: A Systematic Review. Digital Culture & Education, 13(2), 6-36.


 Makarova, E. (2021). The Formation of Children's Values in School. Online open lecture

at the webinar Teacher's personal in times of change and challenges which is part of the project "Spiritual and psychological rehabilitation of teachers in Eastern Ukraine".


Makarova, E. (2021). Acculturation process and its meaning for social relationships in school. Keynote at the Joint Focal Meeting of InZentIM and COST. Online, February 18. 

Makarova, E. (2021). The image of math and science among secondary school students and their career aspirations in STEM. Invited talk at the Women in Tech Summit organized by Ubisoft Winnipeg and the University of Winnipeg. Online, February 11. 


Interview mit mit Eucor

(The Euopean Campus)


Thema: Zuhause bleiben und Zusammenarbeiten


Datum: 8. Mai 2020

Interview mit  der Basler Zeitung


Thema: Sind Buben intelligenter?


Datum: 17. April 2020







Kaqinari, T. Makarova, E., Audran, J., Doering, A. K, Göbel, K., Kern, D. (2021). The switch to online teaching during the first COVID-19 lockdown: A comparative study at four European universities. Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 18(5), online.

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Bosson, J. K., Jurek, P., Vandello, J. A.,... Makarova, E., … et al. (2021). Psychometric Properties and Correlates of Precarious Manhood Beliefs in 62 NationsJournal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (published online March 4, 2021).


Leadership of the reserach project:

University teachers in a challenging situation 

 A Study on the transition from conventional teaching to online teaching during the coronavirus-related educational challenges

The Formation of Children's Values in School:

A Study on Value Development Among Primary School Children in Switzerland and the United Kingdom

September 2020 - August 2024

How gender-equal are images of occupations?

The Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) supports the project with grants under the Equal Opportunities Act


Towards Gender Equality in Education – 

Analyzing Teachers᾽ Preconceptions about Gender

The Swiss study is part of the cross-cultural comparative study Towards Gender Harmony – Understanding the Relationship between Masculinity Threat and Gender Equality Across CulturesThe project is supported by a HARMONIA 9 grant from the National Science Centre in Poland (2017/26/M/HS6/00360) awarded to Dr. Kosakowska-Berezecka, University of Gdansk.