Prof. Dr. habil. Elena Makarova


My research focuses on development, learning and teaching in the face of heterogeneity in the school context. In particular, I am interested in inclusion and exclusion processes due to origin and gender in educational settings and developmental trajectories. 

My research is interdisciplinary and primarily considers the findings of educational psychology, cross-cultural psychology, empirical research in education and research on instructional design in teaching and learning.

The aim of my teaching is provide opportunities for students to become acquainted with central empirical research in education and psychology and to enable them to develop their own research agendas and/or professionally address heterogeneity in school settings by employing equitable teaching practices.


Prof. Dr. Elena Makarova 


Institute for Educational Sciences

University of Basel 

Campus Muttenz, Hofacker-Street 30

4132 Muttenz



Tel +41 61 207 53 01



Fellow of the International Academy for Intercultural Research